ERM 2016


There is still no official Host for the upcoming ERM 2018. If your YWCA is interested in sharing your YWCA knowledge, expertise and culture, as well as helping sustain the European YWCA movement, don’t hesitate to consider becoming the next host: Below you find the invitation to host the next ERM in two years time. Please don’t miss out on the chance to raise the issue with your association and see if you’d like to host the next ERM 🙂
We are looking forward towards hearing from you!
Invitation to host ERM 2018

Collaborative Statement of the ERM 2016 on Refugees

At the Pre-Assembly of the ERM 2016 participants and experts came together to start drafting a collaborative Statement of the ERM 2016 on the Refugee Crisis. All the delegates and observers of the business meeting had the chance to participate as well. We are proud to share with you the finished statement that was adopted officially during the business meeting of our European Representatives Meeting: Collaborative Refugee Statement of the ERM 2016

New European YWCA Logo

At the ERM 2016 the European YWCA presented the new logo you see on this website as well. The presentation with all the information on its meaning can be found HERE.