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Now, more than ever, it is necessary for us to support one another and share best practices, ideas and potential projects that can be done in partnership with other YWCAs. Funding is often given to multi-national projects, and ideas, as well as ways of work often don’t have to be re-invented, but can be shared and adapted to your own circumstances.

The European YWCA is more than happy to share stories and information on projects, events, celebrations, and anything else our members and partners would like to share in our News feed. Please send us any reports, blogs, etc. you’d like to share with the YWCAs of Europe so we can publish them and grow together!


Below, you will also find information involvement, training, funding and other forms of participation. Don’t miss out and make use of it!

European Voluntary Services
Responding to the repeated call for more opportunities to work together closely with other national YWCAs, this is a beautiful opportunity we’d like to promote to strenghten the leadership of young women and connect different YWCAs at the same time. The European Voluntary Service funds volunteers to work at organisations in all of Europe.
In other words: If your YWCA is eligible, you can receive funded volunteers to work at your association.
And: Your young women are free to apply to volunteer at another international organisation, growing their skillset significantly.

Are you thinking of hosting a volunteer from another country for a period of time? Or are you thinking of sending volunteers to other places? This is the place to look at.

=> Click on THIS link and find out!

Training opportunities of the European Youth Forum
The European Youth Forum often has opportunities for young women from all over Europe to participate in. If you are curious what calls are available please check out their database of trainings and register! After you do, please contact us to let us know you registered and we will select one of the YWCA members who applied. More info can be found => HERE.