Who we are


The vision of the European YWCA is of a fully inclusive world where justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and care for the environment are promoted and sustained through women’s leadership, with a special focus on young women.

The European YWCA was established to unite YWCA member associations in a European movement. It is a women-led, faith-based organization which seeks to model shared, intergenerational leadership, ensuring at least 25% of its leadership positions are held by young women 30 years and under. The European YWCA represents YWCAs in 27 countries in Europe, which are driven by women and girls in local communities committed to the YWCA purpose.

The European YWCA has a unique role to play in the region, particularly in lifting the voices and perspectives of young women with partners.

As a member of the European Women’s Lobby, we can bring a stronger youth perspective, and within the European Youth Forum, we can bring a stronger gender perspective; and within the Conference of European Churches, we can continue to foster a network of women within the Christian Churches. Partnerships within the movement are also essential to the continued growth and effectiveness of YWCAs in Europe, supporting the development of new or recently affiliated associations and growing the collective resources to make a greater impact on the lives of European women and girls.


The purpose of the European YWCA is to develop the leadership, and collective power of women and girls to achieve: women’s rights, gender equality, justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom, a world free of discrimination and a sustainable environment for all people.

The Vision of the European  YWCA for the movement is to ensure:

  • Good connection between European YWCA movements: communication and knowledge sharing of local YWCAs and their different programs, projects, policies and structures.
  • Effective work to support women and girls all over Europe, especially in the priority issues that are identified at every European Representatives Meeting. Until 2016 the are:
    • Violence against women and girls
    • Trafficking and migration of women and girls
    • Young women’s leadership
    • Education

Are you interested in the work we do and do you feel like contributing? Please go to the contact page and we are happy to speak to you!



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